Support that is always “On”: Avoid Start-Up Challenges with a Phone-n-Fix Cell Phone Franchise

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We didn’t write the book on starting a cell phone repair business (see 3 Reasons to Start a Cell Phone Retail and Repair Business). However, we’ve read it from cover to cover and have even added our own unique chapter, which is well worth a glance – especially for those new to the entrepreneurial world. One thing to know from the start is that it takes plenty of patience and a number of resources to start your own cell phone repair business. In addition to site selection, store design and marketing plans, start-up business owners must identify the best suppliers, technology and operational standards. The sum of these duties may be overwhelming for new entrepreneurs, especially without an established network or proper guidance behind them.

Cell phone franchise opportunities like Phone-n-Fix can help to alleviate common start-up woes for business owners. We like to say that our franchise support is always “on” as we offer extensive guidance and ongoing training to each of our franchisees. Here are three ways Phone-n-Fix supports its owner-operators through the process of starting a cell phone repair business.

Learn how to start your own cell phone repair business with store start-up guidance

At Phone-n-Fix, the franchisor-franchisee relationship begins the moment we declare a mutual fit. We start by walking you through the necessary steps to opening the doors of your own cell phone retail and repair business. We’re happy to review lease options with you and advise you extensively as you build-out and outfit your premium retail and repair destination.

We can introduce you to a premium operational outlook

Your grand opening is just the beginning of your journey as a cell phone franchise owner. The Phone-n-Fix franchise opportunity includes a pre-opening training program, covering key topics in business management. A combination of remote, classroom and on-site training will equip you to run your cell phone retail and repair business efficiently. We will also introduce you to our signature standard for a premium customer experience. You will learn how to serve as a valuable resource on cell phone retail and repair to staff and customers alike, all while curating a one-of-a-kind store experience and positioning your new business for growth.

Benefit from our network of approved vendors and suppliers

It can be difficult to develop and maintain relationships with reliable vendors and suppliers – especially those who share your goal of providing premium cell phone parts, accessories and pre-owned smartphone models. When you invest in the Phone-n-Fix cell phone franchise opportunity, however, you receive access to our extensive network of approved suppliers and vendors. Our franchise leadership team has garnered more than 40 years of collective industry expertise, and they have developed some strong partnerships along the way. Now, franchisees can leverage these partnerships to grow their own cell phone retail and repair businesses while enjoying purchasing power they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Find out how our support sets Phone-n-Fix apart from other cell phone franchise opportunities

Would you like to start your own cell phone repair business? Thanks to Phone-n-Fix’s comprehensive franchise program, you don’t have to do it on your own! We can’t wait to offer you a full suite of franchise support to help you develop the cell phone franchise business you’ve dreamed of launching.

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