Q&A with a Phone-n-Fix Franchisee: Carl and Miranda Burfeind

Carl and Miranda Burfeind with Phone-n-Fix

The Phone-n-Fix team is proud to introduce cell phone franchise team Carl and Miranda Burfeind! As veteran Phone-n-Fix employees, the husband-and-wife duo decided this year to take their passion and commitment to a whole new level this. The two bring more than 20 years of combined experience in the electronic service and repair industries, as well as an intimate understanding of Phone-n-Fix’s mission, vision and customer care standards.

We sat down with the new owners of Phone-n-Fix West Acres Mall in Fargo, North Dakota, to discuss their motivations, goals and insights on entrepreneurial life.

What attracted you to the Phone-n-Fix franchise opportunity?

CB: I had come to Phone-n-Fix with eight years of industry experience and quickly advanced to a managerial position after working as a tech and a sales associate. But, owning my own business has always been something I’ve wanted to do. When I decided it was time to take the leap, Miranda naturally joined me, as my partner in life and business. She’s been in the electronics field since 2008, so she also brings a great deal of technical experience to the table, in addition to an outgoing personality and great customer service skills. Between our backgrounds, this brand, and the timing of it all, everything just felt right.

Did you ever consider starting a cell phone repair business on your own? Why did you choose a franchise program?

CB: I’ve always tried to work for myself; I’ve worked as a contractor for other businesses before, fixing game systems and other electronics. However, the thing about a cell phone franchise concept like Phone-n-Fix is that they already have a business model in place. As former employees, Miranda and I know firsthand that this system works. So, I didn’t go out and look for a different concept once I decided it was time to pursue business ownership. We already knew everything about this business, so it made sense for us to buy into the Phone-n-Fix team’s dream to fulfill our own.

How has the Phone-n-Fix team been supporting you as cell phone franchise owners?

CB: They’ve always served as a great support system for us. Nothing about owning a cell phone franchise has really surprised us or frightened us thus far, but we know that the team is there to guide us whenever we encounter challenges. They’ve given us a list of vendors to utilize and allowed us to take advantage of some established relationships. We get all of our parts, devices and merchandise at a great price. If we didn’t have strong franchise support or access to Phone-n-Fix’s extensive network, we’d be starting over from scratch, which is a difficult process.

Have you discovered any opportunities to engage with your community as cell phone franchise owners?

MB: Becoming cell phone franchise owners has opened the door for us to give back and share the Phone-n-Fix brand with more people. Personally, I’m part of a young professionals network. I devote time to networking and connecting with other local business owners and we look forward to doing more of that in the future – a lot more partnering and giving to charitable organizations. That’s what we’re all about.

Any advice you’d offer to someone who is considering a cell phone franchise?

CB: Go big or go home. If you have the opportunity, take it now because the cell phone industry is booming. If you’re a hard worker, there’s no reason you can’t make a good living by starting your own cell phone repair business.

What do you believe your future as a Phone-n-Fix franchise owner looks like?

MB: We definitely want to open more locations and develop our income levels. We pretty much have the same mindset when it comes to life and business – we work hard and engage others as best we can, all while building our personal reputations and the reputation of the brand. We’re looking forward to keeping that up, with the Phone-n-Fix team’s guidance.

Can you see yourself investing in this supercharged cell phone franchise opportunity?

We cannot wait to see what cell phone business ownership has in store for Carl and Miranda! Can you imagine yourself growing with the Phone-n-Fix franchise brand? Find out what it takes to start a cell phone retail and repair business using our sophisticated model. Connect with a member of our franchise support team to get started!