Pursue Multi-Concept Growth with a Phone-n-Fix Cell Phone Franchise

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Franchising not only allows people to pursue their dream of business ownership, but to scale that business to its maximum potential. Reaching optimal efficiency and gain is a progressive journey. However, there comes a time when franchise owners reach a level of stability that motivates them to seek out their next entrepreneurial challenge. For some franchisees, that challenge may be opening one or more additional units. Alternatively, for some franchisees looking to diversify their portfolio, the next level may include ownership under another brand.

Here are 3 reasons why starting a cell phone business with Phone-n-Fix is a sound investment for multi-brand franchisees:

Leverage your franchising expertise as a Phone-n-Fix franchise owner

With one established franchise business under your belt, you already beat the learning curve. You know what to expect during the build-out and start-up phases; you know the in’s and out’s of strategic site selection, construction and design; and you are familiar with what it means to make your business your own while adhering to the standards of an established brand. More importantly, you have achieved sustainable business growth and you’re eager to replicate your accomplishments. With that, you become an ideal candidate for learning and building upon our sophisticated business model. The Phone-n-Fix phone franchise opportunity allows you to leverage your franchising experience to achieve growth in the cell phone repair industry with multiple potential revenue streams, streamlined operations and support when you need it.

Cell phone franchises offer growth in a stable industry

When you invest in our cell phone store for sale, you seize an opportunity to tap into the $4 billion cell phone repair industry, as well as the larger retail market. Within that retail sector, your phone care franchise will be uniquely positioned to thrive as it benefits from the rapid growth of the $17 billion used smartphone sector. Starting a cell phone business is a great idea for those considering diversification especially if you are looking to complement your current concept with one that could help balance cash flow, or off-set a seasonal or daypart-based business. Considering the influx of innovation over the past few years, technology has held its own as a solid industry and is on track to continue as such in the years ahead.

Our cell phone franchise offers unparalleled support

When you are a multi-concept franchisee, you must invest in franchise systems that are structured, reliable and designed to offer busy business owners like you unparalleled support. As seasoned entrepreneurs, our franchise leadership team understands that time and energy spent mastering a new operational system is precious. The support our cell phone retail and repair franchise offers allows you to get a handle on our systems and methods as efficiently as possible with the help of a dedicated team. With our backing, you can be confident that you are spreading your time and your risk across your portfolio.

Upgrade your investment portfolio by starting a cell phone business with the Phone-n-Fix phone repair franchise opportunity

The best way for multi-concept franchisees to make the most of their resources is to seek out complementary brands. The Phone-n-Fix cell phone franchise opportunity positions multi-concept franchise owners to leverage their unique skills and resources while taking advantage of the cell phone retail and repair market’s stellar growth potential. Speak with a member of our franchise support team to learn why Phone-n-Fix makes the perfect complementary concept for multi-brand franchisees.