Drive ROI for Your Cell Phone Franchise with Pre-Paid Services

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You can’t start your own cell phone repair business without considering return-on-investment. Before you dive into the nuts and bolts of your operation, explore “big picture” questions about potential returns. How will your offering deliver value to both customers and investors? Phone-n-Fix, our fast-growing cell phone retail and repair franchise, has tapped into a rising wireless trend with our pre-paid services. Read on to learn how we’ve leveraged shifting consumer preferences to bolster our revenue stream.

Our cell phone franchise model appeals to a sizeable market of pre-paid customers

Today’s customers want to invest in pre-paid services just as much as post-paid options. By 2013, these services already accounted for 19% of total sales. Over the last five years, an increasingly  positive attitude toward pre-paid options has led to boosted interest. Wireless users enjoy contract-free obligations, as it gives them the freedom to switch devices or carriers as needed without hefty cancellation fees. A wide range of available pre-paid plans allow customers to choose an option that suits their budgets and data usage habits. At the same time, pre-paid customers still want to balance affordability with style – investing in providers that offer the latest and greatest smartphone models. Phone-n-Fix stands out from other cell phone franchise opportunities in that we have partnered with some of the nation’s leading pre-paid wireless providers, including Tracfone, Simple Mobile, Telcel and more, to offer these services in communities nationwide. Owner-operators can provide reliable coverage at affordable prices while unlocking growth in a steady sector.

Pre-paid mobile market growth creates a promising opportunity

More and more, wireless companies are letting go of the two-year contract to embrace contract-free options. This trend is particularly salient in the U.S. market, as a record 11% growth in prepaid services offset a decrease in countries like Australia and the UK. According to independent technology research and consulting firm Yankee Group, pre-paid sales should continue to climb at an annual growth rate of over 12% for the next three to four years. The health of this sector creates a unique opportunity for Phone-n-Fix franchise owners. In offering premium smartphones alongside diverse pre-paid plans, our franchisees cater to a budget-conscious public while satisfying customers’ need to keep up with the latest technology.

Start your own cell phone repair business with growth in mind

Pre-paid services are just one of many revenue-generating opportunities the Phone-n-Fix franchise program offers. When you choose to invest in our model, you opt to start your own cell phone repair business with growth in mind. What does it mean to launch a growth-oriented cell phone business? It means being forward thinking, trend-savvy and open to diversifying your offering accordingly. Phone-n-Fix prepares qualified investors to take the market by storm by creating a rich and diverse revenue stream that wins out in a competitive landscape.

We’re so much more than a cell phone repair franchise

Phone-n-Fix is not like typical cell phone franchise opportunities. We’ve championed a cell phone retail and repair model that positions franchisees to see long-term business growth via repair services, accessory sales, certified pre-owned smartphone sales, pre-paid options, device protection plans and more.

Discover more about what it means to join our franchise force today – start the conversation with a Phone-n-Fix cell phone franchise representative.