December 31, 2016
PnF store front

Our 2016 Selfie: A Year in Review with Phone-n-Fix

What a year 2016 was for Phone-n-Fix! Between expanding our corporate brand and kicking off a new franchising initiative, we made the most out of our last 365 days. Here is a quick “selfie” of our year in review: Phone-n-Fix cell phone franchise opportunities now available nationwide Thanks to our dedicated team, this year we unveiled our newest venture, PNF Franchising. Qualified individuals nationwide can now own a Phone-n-Fix franchised store using our pioneering business model and more than 40 years of collective expertise as a guide. Manage a cross-trained team of technicians who will provide quality retail knowledge and […]
December 7, 2016
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Pursue Multi-Concept Growth with a Phone-n-Fix Cell Phone Franchise

Franchising not only allows people to pursue their dream of business ownership, but to scale that business to its maximum potential. Reaching optimal efficiency and gain is a progressive journey. However, there comes a time when franchise owners reach a level of stability that motivates them to seek out their next entrepreneurial challenge. For some franchisees, that challenge may be opening one or more additional units. Alternatively, for some franchisees looking to diversify their portfolio, the next level may include ownership under another brand. Here are 3 reasons why starting a cell phone business with Phone-n-Fix is a sound investment […]
November 28, 2016
Mobile Phone Repair and Upgrade. Smartphone Repairing Concept Photo.

What You Don’t Know About the Cell Phone Repair Market

It’s no secret that smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices are in high demand. Multiple industry reports point to a healthy U.S. smartphone market that doesn’t look to be waning anytime soon. Our obsessions with digital devices has paved the way for cell phone repair businesses like Phone-n-Fix to occupy a unique niche with high growth potential. Are you looking for a viable sector in which to invest? Here are three things you probably don’t know about the cell phone repair market: Cell phone repair brings in $4 billion of revenue The cell phone repair industry has steadily increased over […]
November 8, 2016
Asian businessman with 2017 numbers as starting line waiting for the start in running track

Are You Ready to Go Into Business for Yourself with Phone-n-Fix?

Have you ever considered entrepreneurship? You’re not alone. In fact, by 2015, 27 million Americans were starting or running their own businesses. As more people choose to leave corporate America and take an entrepreneurial leap, the returns have proven to be lucrative. According to Forbes, U.S. businesses with less than $5 million in annual revenue experienced an improvement in net profit margins for the fourth consecutive year. Add an influx of new jobs to the mix, and the small business landscape looks especially promising for those who crave a change. Do you have what it takes to start a cell […]