February 25, 2017
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5 Tips for Effective Retail Sales Training with A Cell Phone Franchise

Effective training programs do more than prepare team members to fulfill the duties of a new sales role. Perhaps more importantly, they foster creative leadership and curiosity. Our team embraces this outlook at Phone-n-Fix, a leading wireless retail franchise that places customer service at the center of its model. As we continue to expand through franchising, we offer wireless retail sales training to owner-operators and their management teams. Here are a few ideals that have shaped our training program within our cell phone franchise: We encourage team members to prioritize customers’ needs All sales professionals aspire to close deals. Standout […]
February 21, 2017
Phone-n-Fix employee helping customer with phone

Unlock Growth in the Pre-Owned Market with Our Cell Phone Franchise Opportunity

Smartphone businesses dominate the tech market. A growing dependence on these devices paints a clear picture of future market health, indicating a robust industry for years to come. Thus, those looking to start a cell phone business must prioritize two other considerations: uniqueness and potential. Phone-n-Fix’s cell phone store franchise opportunity is innovative and enterprising while responding to a market need that is steadily gaining momentum. As the leading premium cell phone reseller, Phone-n-Fix’s wireless retail franchise is positioned for longevity in this bustling market. More people are selling their devices via the used smartphone market As more wireless providers […]
January 25, 2017

3 Reasons to Start a Cell Phone
Retail and Repair Business

46% of smartphone owners say their smartphone is something “they could not live without,” so imagine the panic when one of those devices breaks. The Phone-n-Fix franchise opportunity complements the demand for reliable cell phone retail and repair options by offering premium solutions in communities nationwide. Meanwhile, franchise owners use our refined business model as a blueprint for capturing market share in this booming industry. Are you a motivated individual considering business ownership? Here are three reasons to start a cell phone repair business: Starting a Cell Phone Repair Business Allows You to be Your Own Boss As a cell […]
January 25, 2017
Phone-n-Fix is quickly becoming the premiere cell phone retail and repair company in the Midwest. Part of that rapid growth stems directly from our exclusive franchise offering, which we launched earlier this year. On Jan. 25, 2017, Consumer Electronics Net helps us to spread the word about our new franchise program by featuring our press release announcement. For more information about the exclusive Phone-n-Fix franchise opportunity, visit Consumer Electronics Net.