Are You Ready to Go Into Business for Yourself with Phone-n-Fix?

Asian businessman with 2017 numbers as starting line waiting for the start in running track

Have you ever considered entrepreneurship? You’re not alone. In fact, by 2015, 27 million Americans were starting or running their own businesses. As more people choose to leave corporate America and take an entrepreneurial leap, the returns have proven to be lucrative. According to Forbes, U.S. businesses with less than $5 million in annual revenue experienced an improvement in net profit margins for the fourth consecutive year. Add an influx of new jobs to the mix, and the small business landscape looks especially promising for those who crave a change.

Do you have what it takes to start a cell phone business? Here are three characteristics that we look for in candidates to own a Phone-n-Fix franchise:

Cell phone franchise owners are natural problem-solvers

Obstacles don’t scare you – they’re just opportunities to flex your critical thinking abilities. When you go into business for yourself, every day comes with its own set of challenges – especially for cell phone store franchise owners. Navigating a customer interaction, performing intricate cell phone repairs and mastering a POS system are just a few aspects of business ownership that will require patience and savvy leadership. If you often find yourself stepping up to the plate to tackle obstacles head-on, you may have a future in mobile franchise ownership.

You must be self-motivated to develop a mobile franchise

When you own your own business, growth begins and ends with you. Unlike a 9-to-5 job, where your earning potential is predetermined, passion powers your progress as a cell phone franchise owner. Phone-n-Fix’s cell phone business for sale nurtures this quality in our franchisees by providing multiple potential revenue streams, including certified pre-owned smartphones, cell phone repairs, warranties, accessories and prepaid services. If you are looking into cell phone franchises, know that the industry is vast and the sky is the limit. Phone-n-Fix franchisees are perfectly positioned to leverage these conditions for optimal business growth, provided that they have the necessary drive.

You can leave a legacy with a cell phone store franchise

Cell phone franchises allow individuals to launch and grow a sustainable business in the growing cell phone retail and repair industries. Whereas your corporate legacy ends with retirement, small business ownership allows you to pass something along to your loved ones. As you invest in your mobile franchise business, you are actively investing in a brighter future for your children and grandchildren. Choose to start something you can build upon for generations as a small business owner.

Explore entrepreneurship with the Phone-n-Fix cell phone franchise opportunity

Our cell phone business for sale offers qualified individuals an opportunity to thrive in an active market. Additionally, we offer the support and structure first-time business owners need to set the pace for long-term growth. Learn more about how the Phone-n-Fix cell phone store franchise opportunity can help you achieve your goals – connect with our franchise support team today!