3 Must-Haves for a Premium Customer Experience

customers in Phone-n-Fix

Providing a quality customer experience is paramount when it comes to cell phone retail and repair. At Phone-n-Fix, a growing cell phone franchise brand, we pride ourselves on fostering premium customer engagement. From the look and feel of our stores to the quality of our interactions, every aspect of our operation is customer-centric. (Read ‘How to Put Your Retail Management Skills to Work’)

The Phone-n-Fix team’s 30+ years of expertise has revealed the following essentials for a premium customer experience:

Customers still appreciate personalization

Anyone can provide customer service. But, it takes a certain kind of professional to offer an exceptional customer experience, especially in the wireless retail and repair world. A large part of doing so successfully lies in one’s knack for personalization. Industry reports tell us that 70% of buying experiences are based on how a customer feels they are being treated. Our priority then, as curators of the brand experience, is to make sure customers feel valued, understood and satisfied with our solutions. At Phone-n-Fix, we aspire to relate to each customer’s experience, whether it’s the frustration and inconvenience that a broken phone causes or the desire to find cost-efficient alternatives to buying a brand new smartphone. We go out of our way to assure our customers that we understand their needs, and we know exactly what it takes to solve the issue that brought them to us. No matter how much traffic our stores generate, customers count on us to zero in on them and their cellular needs, from entrance to exit.

Product quality speaks volumes

Product selection can serve as a retail brand’s bread-and-butter, or its Achilles heel. How current are the available makes and models? Is pricing competitive? How diverse is the inventory? Those who care about creating a premium customer experience must take these questions into account to build the most dynamic assortment. Nearly 9 out of 10 U.S. consumers would pay more if it meant they would receive a superior customer experience. By offering the hottest cell phone products on the market, a retail brand can position itself well to provide the fulfilling and convenient experience customers crave.

Don’t underestimate the impact of layout and design

An effective store layout and design ushers customers through a positive experience in our cell phone stores. Business owners should identify key touch points and adopt a layout that supports those. Each Phone-n-Fix store features top-tier, pre-owned smartphones displayed in glass cases across the floor, creating a premium feel for retail customers. Team members meet customers before they reach the end of a lime green runway to inquire about their needs. All in all, our organized store layout and neat presentation counters the image of the typical “mom-and-pop” cell phone repair shop. It prioritizes ease and urgency in a way that sets us apart from similar concepts.

A quality customer experience is integral to retail and repair business growth

Distraught and overwhelmed, our customers often seek us out as first responders to a personal crisis with their cell phones. Whether we can salvage precious data, guarantee quality and offer fair prices for pre-owned smartphones is just as important to them as our ability to provide timely repairs. Concepts like Phone-n-Fix deliver the premium experience customers deserve, and we welcome motivated individuals to join us in starting a cell phone business.

To learn more about available franchise opportunities with Phone-n-Fix, email franchise@phonenfix.com or call (605) 681-6440.